Literacy School, based in Portlaoise and Kildare

Working with your child, the Bright Sparks learning system aims to assist your child by:

smiley star Reading with phonological training using 44 sounds.

smiley star Writing and grammar learning to expand sentences.

smiley star Spelling with dictation to perfect 70% of all English words.

smiley star Comprehensive diagnostic assessment is used to highlight the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

smiley star An individual program is designed from test results.

smiley star Regular evaluation of child’s progress is discussed with parents who are then assisted and encouraged to help the child at home.

smiley star Starting young is very important! - The level of reading fluency at age seven predicts the adult reading capacity.


A new dicovery in reading

Read at 5 - fluent at 7

This phonological method using 44 sounds also works well with dyslexic children.

The fluency level at age 7, dictates the adult reading capacity.

Don't delay, start reading today.